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Your dock serves as the center of activity at the lake. Vibo Marine wants to make memories more easily accessible with our all aluminum, lightweight docks.

There are 3 main styles of dock systems to choose from: roll-in docks, sectional docks, and floating docks. All of our docks are made of lightweight and strong aluminum alloy.

Roll-in Docks are well suited for gradually sloping, fairly smooth lake shores. Simply rolling the entire dock system into the water to install each season. All Vibo roll-in docks are made of structural tubing from 6061 and 6063 aluminum alloy.

Sectional Docks are a better fit when you have a steep or uneven shore line. The framework comes in 4' x 8' sections. Each section only weighs 35 pounds, allowing for easy installation and removal.

Floating Docks are ideal for rivers and reservoirs, where water levels fluctuate. We attach foam filled, plastic rotocast floats to our truss style frames which allows for a sturdier framework.

3 Decking Types to choose from: cedar, aluminum, and titan plastic. Each type offering its own charm and benefit. The natural beauty of cedar is unmatched. The ribbed texture on our aluminum decking offers superior traction. Titan plastic is strong, durable and virtually maintenance-free. This polypropylene decking is designed for grip and drainage and can handle anything Mother Nature throws its way. All of our decking is made in 4' x 4' removable sections for easy installation.

Vibo Marine also makes it easy to adjust your dock and lift height without ever having to get wet with our unique screw jack legs! 

All of your docks are manufactured 40 miles north of Minneapolis and St. Paul in east central Minnesota right off Interstate 35 and Highway 95 in the city of North Branch. For over 35 years, Vibo Marine has been family owned and operated. Our mission is to make lake fun more easy and affordable! Vibo Docks are strong yet lightweight, ensuring a durable dock for a lifetime of service.  Let Vibo be a part of your lake memories today.